La Proteccion de le Infancia, Inc. (LPDI also known as Gota de Leche) is an institution committed to helping satisfy the nutritional needs of indigent Filipino and their mothers. It was incorporated in 1907, although it became known to the public for its first and most well-known milk-feeding program, Gota de Leche, which began in 1906. The institution is the oldest non-government charity organization in the country, established by nationalists and civic-minded professionals. Presently, the institution has established 4 programs.

Below are LPDI’s current programs:

1. Milk-Sharing and Nutrition Support for Malnourished Children
lawnMalnourished and underweight kids are given monthly feedings, medical check-ups, and milk rations. Outreach programs outside Manila are also conducted.

Partners and supporters: St. Paul College of Music, Silver Finance, FEU NSTP, Vitamin Angels, IAOMT, Rise Against Hunger, Sun Life Foundation, Gina Cowell, Joan Tan, and Jollibee Morayta


2. Healthy Mothers Program


Breastfeeding mothers are given monthly rations of brown rice and monggo to improve their health and add nutritive value to their breast milk. Mothers are also given monthly rations of rice-monggo food supplements to add to the solid intake of her child.

Partners and supporters: IAOMT, Vitamin Angels, Rise Against Hunger, Sun Life Foundation


3. Relief and Outreach
progLPDI maintains links to foreign supporters and organizations to raise funds and distribute relief goods to Filipino families affected by natural disasters. Works with partner NGOs and local volunteer groups to assemble contributions and create sustainable nutrition support programs.

Partners and supporters:  Rise Against Hunger, Vitamin Angels, JCI, Quota, Igorota Foundation, Sun Life Foundation, St. Therese MTCC Hospital


4. Heritage Conservation

With the Gota de Leche building named a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum, LPDI now has the duty to maintain and conserve its heritage properties. Conservation experts will also assist LPDI in preserving the documents, photographs and ephemera kept by the organization.

Partners and supporters:  Aguila Manila, Lopez Museum and Library

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