Boots Anson-Roa: A Star of Public Service

Most people are familiar with Boots Anson-Roa the movie star. While she is indeed one of Philippine cinema’s most cherished gems, she has also carved a niche for herself in the fields of education, media, and public service. Gota de Leche is proud to have the ever-radiant Boots in its board. In fact, she holds a prime position – that of vice president.  “As Gota VP, I assist our president Augusto Villalón in decision-making, in accordance with board decisions as well,” explains Boots. “Goals are met and plans are implemented well, because we have a very effective workforce led by our executive director Anna Leah Sarabia.”

A product of the University of the Philippines Speech and Drama Department, Boots is an expert in developmental programs, journalism, and media studies. Her most noteworthy roles include that of Press Attaché, Cultural Officer, and Special Assistant to the Ambassador at the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. during the eighties. She also taught Philippine Language, Culture and History at the Georgetown University Center for Immigration Studies.

Her background in art and media has a huge influence on her work at Gota. “Because of my work background and exposure, my contributions to policy-making and plan execution are geared towards marketing and media/public relations,” she explains.

With such an impressive CV, one would think that she established ties with Gota de Leche later in her life. The truth is, Boots’ relationship with Gota de Leche goes way back. “My first orientation about Gota de Leche was as a woman leader in the 1970’s,” Boots recalls. “Also, because one of its founders, Justice Natividad Almeda Lopez, was very close to the Roa family.”

Ever the artist, Boots is keen on pointing out how art enlightens and uplifts: “Art, in its various forms, contributes form, beauty, balance, and symmetry as it presents society with Truth- even the ugly and sad truth about social problems, especially those that plague marginalized communities like hunger, violence, want of care and society’s indifference.”

Apart from being Gota’s vice president, she is also a trustee of MOWELFUND and vice-chairman of National Commission for Culture and the Arts – Film Committee. Upon the death of her first husband, broadcaster Pete Roa, in 2007, she established PRIME (Pete Roa Integrated Media Endeavors) Foundation, Inc., with continuing broadcast education, rehabilitation of MOWELFUND stroke patients.

She served in numerous other organizations such as the DARE anti-drug foundation, Philippine Mental Health Association, National Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, UP-PGH Medical Foundation, Philippine National Red Cross, and the Organ Transplant Foundation.

Gota de Leche is proud to have such a luminous individual as part of its cast!

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