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Sharing the milk of human kindness

Gota de Leche is a foundation committed to helping to satisfy the nutritional needs of indigent Filipino children and their mothers. Gota de Leche continues to work tirelessly to accomplish its mission of compassion and sustenance by providing free meals and medical attention. The organization was founded by La Protección de la Infancia in 1906. In the footsteps of heroes Gota de Leche’s founders include some of the most notable individuals in Philippine history: educators, philanthropists, doctors, lawyers, public servants and suffragists. But they also include unnamed citizens who – over a hundred years ago – donated services, utilities, land, furniture, dairy animals, and even fresh milk from their own backyards. Today, as in its beginnings, every drop of milk flows from voluntary contributions and donations of civic-spirited groups and individuals: heroes and heroines in their own right.

Symbol of a heritage of service

gota facade with children and Lourdes and Natividad Almeda-Lopez circa 1945The remarkable historical legacy of Gota de Leche is symbolized by the Gota de Leche building, a declared national heritage site. Conservation efforts of Gota de Leche’s duty-bearers resulted in a citation by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards in 2003. These efforts were further supported by grants from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts.

Students, artists and other community organizations are allowed to make use of Gota de Leche’s facilities at friendly rates. This encourages more people to discover the historical significance of Gota de Leche as an initiative of patriots who, more than 100 years ago, served the country by saving the lives of thousands of children. Note: Gota de Leche is not affiliated with other organizations that share its name.

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